Physical-chemical purification

This technique is used on soil and waste products that cannot be processed by biological cleansing.

Typical examples of qualifying pollutants are heavy fuel, waste oil, material containing PCB, other contaminants containing chlorine (like PER and TRI), heavy metal, asbestos and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

Besides polluted soils, a number of mineral waste streams can be processed this way. Think of a.o. SCDS (sewage, cesspools & drain sludge), grease interceptor sand (industrial water treatments), sandblasting, foundry sand, sifter sand, crushed sand, rubble granules and dredging spoil.

Our centre in Opglabbeek is licensed to accept and process soils and granules containing asbestos up to 10,000 ppm!

The basic principle is to concentrate the present pollution in a rest volume that is as small as possible and to produce as much secondary materials to be reused as possible. Washed sand and gravel are retrievable resources, where the fine material (<63 um) and organic parts are considered to be residual fraction.

To achieve this, the installations are made up of several separating devices, which use the specific characteristics of the present parts, like grain size, density and specific affinity.

Applied techniques are a.o. the use of sieves (dry and wet) on diverse grain sizes, hydrocycloning, upstreamer, jigs, magnets (ferro and non-ferro), sword washers, sand screws, carbon & metal spirals, flotation cells, decanters and sieve and filter presses.

The installations in Opglabbeek and Bornem have respective capacities of 50 and 70 tons going in per hour.

The cost of this processing technique is determined by the percentage of shares of the residual fraction.

The two remaining streams, washed sand and gravel get a new life as secondary resources in several construction applications like stabilized sand, thin concrete, etc.

Bioterra takes care of all outgoing streams, for the necessary certificates to ensure the environmentally hygienic as well as the constructional qualities.

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