Remediation with onsite ground purification

Following the excavation of polluted soil, it is possible to transport the soil to a recognized purification centre or dump, but the soil can also be purified on-site. For this, Onsite Remediation has the possibility to use mobile soil purifying installations to biologically, physical-chemically and thermally purify excavated soil. This technique is mainly applied at locations where a lot of polluted soil is excavated or on locations where the distance to a close-by processing location is too far.

To biologically purify the soil onsite, DC Onsite remediation can make use of mobile sieving and conversion equipment, with which sufficient nutrients and oxygen can be put in the ground for an optimal biological degradation. In our own lab, we can look for the right proportions to add nutrients and bacteria.

DC Onsite remediation has the possibility to purify physical-chemical soil onsite, by means of a mobile soil purification installation. With this, the soil is washed and separated in usable components, including gravel and sand.

Finally, DC Onsite remediation also offers you the possibility to apply onsite thermal ground purification. Here, the soil is heated; effectively burning the pollution and lets the pollution leave the soil, turning it into harmless carbon dioxide and water.