Damiaan 89 nv
Leuvensebaan 2
2223 Schriek

Address  of execution:
Former site: Damiaan Reizen
Grootloosestraat 57
3120 Tremelo

Recognized soil purification expert:
Architeam nv
Bleybergweg 14
3140 Keerbergen

Period of execution: May 2010 up until August 2010.

Short description of the works:

The former site “Damiaan reizen” was acquired by the project developer Damiaan 89 nv. By order of Damiaan 89, Onsite environment has drawn up a quotation to sanitize the soil and groundwater, which resulted from multiple overfilling on the site.

The sanitation mainly comprised the excavation of pollution by mineral oil. Also in the groundwater there was pollution, but due to intensive excavation, the assessment was made to also take the ground water like this. Because it was expected, that there would be oil scum, the ground was excavated till just below the ground water level and directly drained to one of their own recognized soil purification centres. After that, the scum is removed as much as possible by skimming and caught in a temporary storage container. After the scum was removed, dry-suction was placed, consisting of a classic ring drain, combined with open pit dewatering. All water extractions were connected to a water purifying installation that made sure the pollution was caught before it was drained into the surface water. Then, sanitation was continued to a depth, at which the soil was lea directly to our soil purifying centre.

In the end, the site was replenished with stored soil from the terrain. Because of the intensive excavation, the in-situ ground water sanitation turned out not to be necessary anymore.

The works were completed to the satisfaction of the client, as well as within the arranged period.