Aviapartner Belgium nv

Aviapartner Belgium nv
Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal
1930 Zaventem

Address of execution:
Garagedienst gebouw 60 Airside
Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal
1930 Zaventem

Recognized soil sanitation expert:
Leuvensesteenweg 388
1932 Zaventem

Period of execution: November 2010 up until now.

Short description of the works:

At the national airport Brussels, Aviapartner runs a garage at the so-called “airside” side. There used to be a distribution pump and an underground diesel holder of 25.000 l. Leaks and overfilling led to ground pollution with a layer of scum on the groundwater table, which was at about 12m-mv at that time. Because the site is “airside”, the airport inspection procedures must be followed strictly, as well as adjusted means of protection.

The soil pollution, as well as the layer of scum has been removed by an excavation till 12m-mv, by which the polluted soil is carried off to one of their own recognized soil purifying centres. Due to the low level of ground water, dry-suction did not apply. However, the groundwater is polluted and therefore, 8 sources have been placed through auger drilling, because there is a lot of sandstone in the ground at the airport. The pits are provided with deepwell pumps and a ground air extraction. They are both connected to an in-situ installation, comprised of an oil secretor, sand filter, plate aerator and the necessary active carbon filters. The groundwater in-situ sanitation is currently still running.

The works have been completed to the satisfaction of the client, as well as within the arranged period.