Soil purification is our passion

Bioterra NV was at the base of the soil purification industry in Flanders and throughout the years managed to work itself up to one of the most important players on the market.

With six centres across the Belgian territory, Bioterra is the easiest soil purifier to reach in this country. Three centres are also situated at the waterway, which allows Bioterra to fully go for transport on the waterway and contribute to a reduction of CO2 emission.

Bioterra can look back on 15 years of experience and vast knowledge on biological and physical-chemical ground purification and is an ideal partner for redevelopment and construction companies that come in contact with polluted soil.

Bioterra disposes of a total processing capacity of about 1,000,000 tons per year. To reach this capacity, Bioterra also turns to the waste market and specializes in recycling sifter sand, drain sludge, street cleaning residue, bottom ash, dredged sludge and all other mineral waste products which could be considered for recycling. Mineral waste streams contaminated (soil, crushed materials) with asbestos are also one of our specialties!

Thanks to a firmly carried through sense of valorisation of the cleansed soil, Bioterra ensures that a big part of its soil can be disposed of as secondary material, contributing to a durable way of dealing with our natural resources.

Bioterra wishes to profile itself as a top player in the soil purification sector and does not only limit itself to Flanders, but also has plans to build centres in Wallonia, France and …...