Your soil problem: our passion

DC Onsite Remediation nv has more than 15 years of experience with project bound remediation of soil, water and air. This has led to an enormous expertise on the subject of carrying out custom made remediation, technically as well as financially.

In the past 15 years, DC Onsite Remediation nv has developed itself into an all-round remediation company that carries out small, as well as large, public and private, relatively simple to very complex remediation. For this, they are recognized as a contractor of soil and ground water remediation by several authorities. Furthermore, they also have a certified ISO, safety, health, environment checklist for contractors, as well as Achilles system, as demanded by more and more of our clients, consisting of state enterprises as well as private companies. Thanks to years of experience and not being afraid to use new techniques, DC Onsite Remediation can at least offer you the following techniques:

• Excavating polluted soil
• Remediation with onsite soil purification
• Purifying ground water
• In-situ soil purification techniques

• Pump and treat
• Bioremediation
• Soil air extraction en injection of compressed air
• Injection of oxygen
• Execution of pilot tests
• Development of sustainable remediation techniques
DC Onsite Remediation has not only developed itself in several techniques, but also in offering custom made remediation Solutions, technically and financially.

By keeping developing on the basis of technical know-how, safety and quality, we want to keep growing on the domestic and foreign remediation markets the next few years.