AWS France

To improve the efficiency of its centres in Ghent and Bornem, the former AWS went to prospect on the French market. Especially the region of Paris offers many possibilities.

To steer everything in the right direction, AWS founded a French company that is responsible for commercial contacts, as well as for the European export procedures. AWS France also disposes of a concession (4000 m2) at the port of Paris, from where there is a permanent export license to the site in Ghent.
It is mainly because of the good cooperation between Group DCI and AWS France and the unique approach that AWS is successful at bringing in important works with large French companies like Renault, Leroy Merlin, GDF, EDF, Exxon ea.
AWS France is active on the entire French territory, because they perfectly control traffic through the waterway. Throughout the years, AWS has always cooperated correctly with the French authorities. Because of this, they gained their trust, which is expressed in a quick handling of export files.

France – a fast growing region creating efficient soil movement

Group De Cloedt (by means of AWS France) has in the region of Paris (Nanterre), a platform of 4 000 sqm located at a river dock, to collect polluted soil and streams of inert waste. The platform allows us to accept such flows and sort them so that they can be prepared for transportation and for treatment in one of our treatment centres. River transport is maximally implemented as Group Cloedt has this logistic knowledge in-house.
AWS France has an operating license for non-hazardous and hazardous waste, therefore it has the capacity to meet the demands of a wide range of clients, from real estate developers and official authorities in the petroleum and chemical industry.
France AWS also offers solutions for soil contaminated by asbestos, that can be to be treated in its own processing centre in Genk (BE), in compliance with the most stringent security measures to avoid further pollution during transportation.
Out of the Parisian region, AWS France is active in all the ports of France longing the Atlantic coast, along the Channel and in the North (Nord Pas de Calais) and the South-East (Lorraine and Alsace) of France.